Meet Dr. Lee Weisbard, D.D.S.

Weisbard Dental - Meet Lee Weisbard
For over 30 years, Dr. Lee Weisbard, D.D.S., and her team have provided Colorado and beyond with the highest quality dental experience available. And it all grew out of her compassion for others and a love for the dental arts.

Dr. Weisbard’s practice focuses on providing life-changing dentistry to individuals from all walks of life.

A Passion for Dentistry

Even at 12 years old, Dr. Weisbard knew she wanted to be a dentist. At the young age of 16, she moved from New York, leaving her home behind. Soon, Dr. Weisbard found herself in college, focusing on the study of dentistry while working as a dental assistant.

She recalls in those days that women dentists did not exist. But Dr. Weisbard’s passion for dentistry carried her through, earning her D.D.S. degree in 1984 and officially launching her dentistry career.

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Compassion for Others

Dr. Weisbard first started working in the public health sector in a Denver health center. For six years, she served individuals in a low-income neighborhood with exemplary dentistry. She was particularly drawn toward her younger patients, getting to know them while building their confidence with a new smile. She became more than a dentist to many, often mentoring women and the homeless break the cycles that stripped away their confidence.

Her compassion propelled Dr. Weisbard forward, leading her to conduct volunteer dentistry for a month in Israel. Even still, she felt the calling of home. Returning to Denver, she started her own practice in Greenwood Village in the heart of the Denver Tech Center (DTC), focusing on restorative, implant, and cosmetic dentistry.

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Inspiring Artistry in the Dental Field

Dr. Weisbard is an artist as much as she is a dentist. She pays close attention to the details, seeking to always bring forth beautiful work that functions properly, looks natural and evokes confidence. Her work is inspired, fueled by the patient smiles she transforms and her passion for the dental field.

Moreover, she has the skills and committed excellence in cosmetic, general and dental implant dentistry that brings you the best dental care in Greenwood Village, DTC, Englewood, Cherry Hills, Littleton and the surrounding cities of Denver. She has received numerous awards and honors, including the prestigious 2018 Colorado Businesswoman of the Year award.

Let Us Change Your Dental Experience

At Weisbard Dental, our passion is delivering a life-changing dental experience, from the first exam to your new smile. To learn more about our services or to book an appointment, give us a call at 303-773-3373 or send us a message.