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Teeth normally darken with age. Whitening your teeth can give you brighter smile and help your teeth appear younger. Weisbard Dental, Greenwood Village, provides the best teeth whitening products, using a form of hydrogen peroxide gel to give you whiter teeth, a beautiful smile and make you feel and look young.

Teeth are porous and susceptible to staining. Teeth stain at different rates depending on mouth chemistry, diet and lifestyle (foods and drinks consumed). This means that how easily teeth stain and how easily they whiten varies from person to person. Most teeth whitening methods are essentially the same — a form of hydrogen peroxide gel is placed over the teeth and penetrates into the “pores” of the teeth, cleaning and lightning them. The variable is in the type of application and the corresponding strength of the teeth whitening gel. What works well for one person may not work well for another. Ask Dr. Weisbard which teeth whitening products and service procedure is best for you.



Frequently Asked Questions

Zoom – our in office whitening system – versus bleaching trays?

Zoom is a fast and effective way to whiten your teeth. It is a combination of highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel applied to your teeth and a high-powered light system that is used to activate the bleaching process. It takes about 1.5 hours for the entire appointment. Some patients experience some sensitivity a few hours after the procedure, which can be easily reduced with ibuprofen, and is usually gone within 24 hours. Teeth whitening trays are a take home method of whitening. The trays are custom made to fit your teeth. You disperse a small amount of the bleach provided by our office into the trays and wear them for approximately one hour per day. Depending on each patient’s needs, there are different instructions as to how long you leave the solution in and how often you use the trays. You may choose to have custom bleach trays made after your Zoom procedure for “touch ups” and to maintain the brightness of your teeth.

How long does teeth whitening last?

Zoom teeth whitening studies indicate that results can last two to three years. Longevity will obviously vary depending on each person and their lifestyle. Most people will choose to have take-home custom bleach trays made.

Is teeth whitening harmful to my teeth?

No, not if used properly and under the supervision of a dental professional. Studies have shown that with normal recommended use of teeth whitening products, there are no harmful effects on teeth. It is common for some people to have some sensitivity with whitening products at first, but these symptoms usually subside within 24 hours.

Who is a good candidate for teeth whitening?

There are two kinds of stain on teeth — superficial and inherent. Superficial stain comes from the things we drink, eat and expose to our teeth. This kind of stain is usually yellowish and yields the best results with teeth whitening systems. Inherent stain comes from things we absorb into our bodies such as minerals, fluoride and various antibiotics such as tetracycline. These substances, especially at key developmental phases in life can permanently discolor teeth. Many people will choose to change the color of their teeth by having porcelain veneers placed, which addresses the color as well as alignment of their teeth.

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