Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Restore Proper Jaw Function

When teeth become severely worn, abraded, fractured or decayed throughout the mouth, full mouth rehabilitation may be necessary in order to restore proper function and aesthetics. Loss of tooth structure puts abnormal stresses on the remaining musculature and the jaw joint. Since it is the teeth that determine the position of the jaw in the fossa of the skull, it is important to maintain proper physiologic position by restoring the teeth. Some people experience pain in the joint and need full mouth rehabilitation to restore proper function and eliminate pain. Once vertical dimension has been lost due to wear or trauma it may be necessary to restore all teeth to regain original vertical dimension. Weisbard Dental offers excellent full mouth rehabilitation dental services for severely worn, fractured or completely decayed teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need full mouth rehabilitation?

If you have severely worn or broken down teeth you may be in need of full mouth rehabilitation. Since this is a lengthy and involved procedure, it is best to consult with Dr. Weisbard prior to making this decision. A thorough evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment plan is necessary prior to starting any treatment.