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Dr. Lee Amy Weisbard, DDS, Excellence in Dentistry

Dr. Lee Weisbard, the DTC Dentist, is well known for her excellence: in dentistry and customer service. Learn more about why Dr. Lee should be your dentist!

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Dr. Lee Weisbard’s dentistry has been described as a life-changing experience. Listen to her clients, in their own words, describe how her services has changed more than just their smile.

Wellness Tips

Dr. Lee Weisbard has been on the Experience Pros Radio Show dozens of times! Check out her radio show segments below!

Dental Expectations

Teeth Sensitivity

Canker Sores

Infection Control

Do You Have Missing Teeth?

Protect Your Child’s Teeth

Smiles and First Impressions

Passion Promotes Good Health

More Experiences, Less Stuff

Dental Specialties are Important


Teeth Whitening


Oral Safety in Sports

What Toothbrush do You Use?

Smoking and its Effect on Our Teeth

Mouth Bacteria and Disease

The Impact of Missing Teeth

Children’s Dental Health

Give Someone a Smile

Relieve Stress

The Importance of Belonging

Why do we take X-Rays?


Pain Prevention

Do You Need Your Wisdom teeth?

Athletes and their Teeth

Change Your Toothbrush

Facial, Joint and Muscle Pain

How To Avoid Bad Breath

Holes in the Gum Line


Take Care of Yourself

How to Recognize a Heart Attack

Ugly Truth About Dental Insurance

Night Guards



Picking a Good Dentist