“Parenting is already a 24/7 gig ― so when your kids start losing teeth, making sure the tooth fairy visits them while they sleep is one more item on the list.

Sometimes the tooth fairy forgets to stop by, or doesn’t have money to leave (because who has cash these days?!), and often it’s a struggle to get in and out without getting caught.

Leave it to the funny parents of Twitter to share their hilarious tooth fairy escapades and frustrations. Check them out below, and if your kid is in the phase of losing their teeth, good luck!

That moment when the Tooth Fairy doesn’t come because the Tooth Fairy fell asleep reading at 8:30 PM.


7: When I was waiting up for the tooth fairy I saw you tiptoe in my room.
Me: *panicking*
7: Were you trying to see her too?


ME: what’s the going rate for the tooth fairy these days? like $1? $2?

WIFE: it’s more like $5

ME: well the tooth fairy’s a goddamn idiot

Nobody tells you that a big part of parenting is burgling body parts from your sleeping children.

Out of all the jobs I’ve had, Tooth Fairy has been the hardest.

Being out of town for work when your kid loses a tooth at home is like winning the parenthood lottery.

Nothing like the 10 pm “Oh f*ck, the tooth fairy!” to shatter the bliss of the post-bedtime Netflix binge.

That cringey guilt when you get your kid all excited about the Tooth Fairy… and then forget to make the exchange!

6 y.o. just lost her first tooth. In her note she asked for 5 Moolah. Apparently, she thinks the tooth fairy is a mobster.

This morning 5yr old described tooth fairy “She’s almost 2ft tall & her hand is half the size of my hand.” And it scared the shit out of me.

You don’t know fear until you’ve been the Tooth Fairy.

7yo lost a tooth & we’re on vacation so since we used all our $1’s at the arcade, I guess the Tooth Fairy’s giving her Funland tickets.

When parents tell me they give $20 when their child loses a tooth.

The Caboodle that used to hold my makeup back in high school now hordes my kids’ old baby teeth and emergency tooth fairy money.

I convinced my kid the tooth fairy didn’t come because she works every other night

Not sure if this is my best or worst moment of parenting

I just found my baby teeth in an old jewelry box & it warms my heart to know that someday my kids will find theirs and be equally horrified.

7yo: *Super sad
Me: “Sometimes the tooth fairy gets really busy, son”
*Wife and I pantomime to each other “I thought you were going to…”

What’s the proper amount of $ for tooth fairy to leave a child that makes them happy but doesn’t incentivize them to rip out rest of teeth?

“In my day, I’d buy a doll with 1 trip from the tooth fairy. Today, that same doll will cost you 5 teeth”
Me, explaining inflation to my 6yo

Not sure my son is thrilled with the 30% off Bed Bath and Beyond coupon the tooth fairy left him last night.

5yo: “What does the tooth fairy do with all those teeth?”

10yo: “Puts them into sets for old people.”

Parenthood is waking up feeling like a normal person, then realizing you’re pulling clean underwear from a drawer full of tiny human teeth.


The Youngster said his tooth feels loose… and I AM NOT READYYYY!

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So…yeah…about that tooth you lost…


“The Tooth Fairy left me a dollar so we can go to Starbucks for breakfast.” LOLOLOLOL

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