Since the 1970’s, modern dental implants have been a trusted, successful way of replacing missing teeth.
So, “why should I get dental implants” you ask? Well, while there are many options out there for you to replace your missing teeth, there is only one tried and true way to do so while maintaining the overall look and feel of your natural teeth. Dental implants are designed and built to last, which makes them the best choice for a long-term solution. This long-term solution has been known to actually save you money in the long run. Other solutions are not long-term, which means that you will have to keep replacing your teeth every five to ten years, costing you much more over time.
If this information doesn’t have you convinced, let’s dive into the seven extraordinary facts about dental implants everyone should know.

1. The Best Alternative to Natural Teeth. While we discussed this above, the need to reiterate this is important. Nobody wants to have a mouth full of false teeth that they constantly think about during dinner, or while attempting to bite into that delicious apple. You want to feel secure and confident while performing every day simple tasks like smiling, eating and even speaking, which is how you feel with today’s dental implants. No more worrying about your dentures flying out after coughing, sneezing or yawning.
2. The Ultimate Confidence Booster. It is said that the first thing a person notices about you is your smile (or mouth). When you suffer from tooth loss, it can be quite embarrassing. Having dental implants to replace those lost teeth gives you the sense of pride and confidence you’ve desired for so long. You definitely can’t put a price tag on that feeling.
3. No More Misplacing Your Teeth. Having to take out your teeth every night and keep them in a cup next to your bed is a thing of the past. No more reaching for the alarm clock to snooze and knocking over your teeth so the dog gets a hold of them. No more dealing with sticky, gooey mess only to have them fall out later on during the day and have an embarrassing pile of teeth and goo at your feet. With implants, you keep your teeth right where they were meant to be the whole time – in your mouth!
4. Speak Clearly and Effectively. Whether you are a working professional used to giving presentations, or a retiree playing a round of golf with friends, you want to be able to communicate effectively during the day. Since dental implants are the next best thing to your natural teeth, there isn’t a learning curve when it comes to speaking properly after the procedure. With dentures, there is often a time frame associated with getting used to speaking and enunciating correctly.
5. Say Goodbye to Cavities! They may look and feel like your real teeth, but cavities will never be a problem for dental implants. Don’t forget, however that hygiene and maintenance is just as important with dental implants as it is with your natural teeth. You still have those gums you need to take care of, not to mention keeping your nice new implants clean.
6. Prevention of Bone Loss. Dental implants, normally made of titanium, actually stimulate bone growth once the procedure is done. The stimulation of bone growth leads to the prevention of bone loss. Let’s see dentures do that!
7. Keep Your Face From Sagging. Ok, so this isn’t a “scientific” or medical phrase, but we’re trying to get the point across that implants keep your jaw line strong, which means your jaw line is less likely to have that sagging look and feel. With dental implants, you are able to maintain your natural shape and look while protecting the bone and keeping it healthy.

If you have missing or damaged teeth and you are uncertain about what dental procedure is right for you, these facts about dental implants should help you in your decision making process. While some people choose to go with various forms of dentures, the first choice for care is often a dental implant! Call Weisbard Dental, in Greenwood Village, for a complimentary consultation today.