Which toothbrush is the right one for you? Choosing the right manual or standard toothbrush can be somewhat trivial. Although manual toothbrushes come in many different brands, styles, and colors, the primary difference between them is bristle strength. Toothbrushes are available with soft, medium, and hard bristles, and consumers often choose the bristle strength that is the most comfortable and best suits their personal style of brushing. Once you have chosen the most effective and comfortable bristle strength for you, purchasing one manual toothbrush over another often boils down to price and color preference. However, there are major differences between manual and electric toothbrushes and brushing systems, and if you are interested in a more advanced daily brushing experience, you may find an electric brushing system better suits your needs.

What Exactly Is An Electric Toothbrush?

An electric toothbrush is one that is powered by a battery system and uses electric power to oscillate a disposable brush head. An electric toothbrush often provides a more vigorous brushing experience with very little manual work, and electric toothbrush users often report a more comprehensive and satisfying brushing experience. That being said, scientific studies comparing and contrasting the effectiveness of manual and electric toothbrushes have not conclusively shown that electric toothbrushes are superior to manual ones. One significant drawback of electric toothbrushes is cost, as an electronic system is often many times more expensive that an equivalent supply of manual toothbrushes, and disposable brush heads must be regularly replaced.

The Benefits Of An Electric Toothbrush

Whether or not an electric toothbrush is a better option for you largely depends on if the electronic oscillation provides a better or more consistent brushing experience than your manual brushing style. If you have developed an effective routine for brushing your teeth manually, the benefits of switching to an electronic toothbrush may be negligible. If you have a condition that prevents you from manually brushing your teeth in an effective manner, such as arthritis, an electronic toothbrush can be an excellent alternative, or if you have a child who is reluctant to brush their teeth, an electronic toothbrush can make the experience more fun and exciting as well.