How Dr. Weisbard Remains on the Cutting Edge of Denver Cosmetic Dentistry

Denver Cosmetic Dentistry

Many people often consider their smile to be their best asset. But if you aren’t confident with the smile you have, what’s stopping you from getting your confidence back? There are plenty of places offering Denver cosmetic dentistry services, you just need to take the first step. However, you can’t trust just anyone with giving you your long-lost confidence back. You need a dentist who goes above and beyond. A dentist like Dr. Weisbard from Weisbard Dental. Below are just a few of the many ways Dr. Weisbard breaks the mold in Denver cosmetic dentistry.

She Takes the Time to Work Out what is Best for You

Denver cosmetic dentistry is a large industry, but not all dentists are willing to go the extra mile to find out what’s best for you. You may have an idea in mind of what you’re looking for to get that perfect smile, but the truth is, it just may not be the best option.

Dr. Weisbard makes sure each of her clients has a plan. Here at Weisbard Dental, we are proud to take the time to find out which Denver cosmetic dentistry service will provide you with the smile you’re looking for.

Every new patient starts the process with a smile design consultation. During this consultation, we listen to your concerns your desires as they apply to your appearance and dental health. We try and match the appropriate service to achieve the best outcome. The ultimate goal is to improve your self-esteem, image, and confidence. We can’t do this without knowing what you hope to get out of your cosmetic dentistry appointment.

We want to understand your expectations, and we also want to share our advice and experience as well. It’s not just about whitening your teeth and improving their appearance. We also take into consideration the symmetry and shape of your face, lips and mouth, your skin tone, your eye color and even your pupils.

Each component plays a part in giving you the best cosmetic dentistry service in Denver.

She Considers Your Health and Well-being with Every Appointment

In order to get the best Denver cosmetic dentistry service possible, you are best to opt for a dentist who cares about your well-being. When you’re seen as more than a number, you can feel more confident about the service you are being provided.

The best Denver cosmetic dentistry provider is one that considers your health and well-being with each appointment. You can get just that with Dr. Weisbard at Weisbard Dental.

Dr. Weisbard ensures you’re aware of all possible options when you are having corrective or cosmetic dentistry completed. This is especially true in the case of fillings. Dr. Weisbard understood the risks associated with using silver amalgam. Although it’s a popular method, it’s not the best method, nor is it the only method. Dr. Weisbard cares enough about her clients to ensure she seeks the best option for your teeth. In the case of fillings, the best option is a composite resin. Instead of silver fillings which are known to leak over time, composite resin fillings are strong, durable, and provide the much-needed seal to restore your teeth. An added bonus is that this resin is the same color as your teeth. Your fillings can be out of sight, and out of mind.

She Gives Back to the Community

Dr. Weisbard, here at Weisbard Dental, does more than just provide Denver cosmetic dentistry, she also helps those less fortunate. Dr Weisbard is involved in many local organizations, charities, and activities – all aimed at giving back to the community.

The two main organizations she is involved with are Project Cure and Dental Lifeline Network.  

Project Cure is the largest provider of donated medical supplies and equipment to those in need in the developing world. The organization’s goal is to ensure those less fortunate are able to access much-needed healthcare and dental care they could otherwise miss out on.

Dental Lifeline Network follows along the same lines. It’s a national non-profit organization that has been providing dental care and education for the disabled, the elderly, and the fragile for almost 50 years.

Dr. Weisbard from Weisbard Dental breaks the mold in so many ways. It’s clear to see she provides more than just cosmetic dentistry, she provides self-confidence, a better self-image, and even inner-happiness.

Contact Weisbard Dental today to see what they can do to make you smile again.