First and foremost, yes, it absolutely matters and you want (and need) to have your teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist as often as your teeth need it to ensure teeth and gums that stay healthy.

It has long been said that the mouth is the window to your body and research is proving again and again that this is absolutely the case. Cardiovascular disease and gum disease often go hand in hand. The risk of stroke and erectile dysfunction has also been linked to the health of the mouth. Oral health conditions can often foretell a much bigger picture. Persistent bad breath is a common tell…

Healthy teeth and gums mean lower risk of tooth loss later in life. A cleaning will also include an exam of restorative work and will also detect broken fillings, fractures, decay, failing work that could be decades old or oral cancer. Unfortunately, one person dies every hour from oral cancer. Just as with other cancers, early detection is key and can save your teeth, tongue, jawbones and your life. The hygienist does an oral cancer screening at every cleaning. Quick and painless, it can change the outcome of diagnosis if caught early.

Risk of infection and disease from inflamed tissue will be reduced with regular dental checkups. The generally accepted timing of cleanings is “two per year”. While this may work for many, it may not work for you. Some people require monthly cleanings, due to illness or lack of manual dexterity or side effects of short and long term medication or advanced periodontal disease. Many others may do a two, three or four-month rotation, which is right for them. Only you and your hygienist can determine what is the correct timing for you and your mouth based on your oral health conditions.

A professional cleaning includes scaling and polish that help remove stains from coffee, tea and red wine, in addition to red sauces and tobacco products. Some people may require a deeper cleaning, once in a life time (we hope) or with more frequency. This is often referred to as scaling and root planning, as the tarter and build up has accumulated deep beneath gums negates the ability of any toothbrush or floss or mouthwash to remove it. If proper maintenance and homecare is maintained, the hope is you only do this once!

Less than 50% of the population has dental insurance, but if you are lucky enough to have insurance, the best and most covered services are cleanings and exams and x-rays. Take advantage of these benefits. The additional cost is often low or no out of pocket cost to the patient, but is a lifelong benefit to maintaining a brilliant smile.

If it has been six months or six years, please call us to schedule a cleaning today at 303.773.3373 or go to our website, to schedule an appointment. We look forward to giving you the best care possible.