We, at Weisbard Dental, try our best to answer most of the questions given by our patients. One of them being… Why do I still get a bad odor even after brushing my teeth all the time?
To answer that question, we might have to break it down to few more questions…
1. Do you have periodontal disease?
2. Do you have cavities and when was your last check up?
3. Do you eat certain foods that have distinctive odors?
Periodontal disease is something that can cause odor coming from periodontal pockets. This is where you have bacteria that builds up on the tooth surface and likes to hide in the gums. This not only creates inflammation of the gums but also wears away your bone that supports the tooth. It is very important to get diagnosed early on to prevent Periodontal bone loss and of course the odor.
Second, cavities are pretty much decayed tooth structures which carry bacteria. If the tooth is not restored, more tooth structure will be destroyed. In most severe cases, the tooth might need to be extracted. These are bacteria that eat away on the tooth and will cause odor.
Thirdly, in some cultures people tend to eat foods that have distinctive odors and staining. It is important to also scrape the tongue for any bacteria that collects on the back of the tongue as well as wash away and food debrief that collects and causes odor.
It is very important to get the correct diagnosis and treatment in order to have healthy gums, teeth and overall hygiene.
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