Kara Burns

Kara may not have the same story as you, but deciding to do a little or a lot of dentistry takes courage. Dentistry has long been a “last choice” on many to do lists. Some of this stems from when dentistry was strictly performed due to pain or even a life saving measure. Luckily, we live in a time where we want everyone to practice preventative dentistry. Once you have pain, it is your bodies signal that it has become an emergency and most people associate that “pain” with dentistry. Kara had been incarcerated due to a long term drug addiction. She was doing her very best to reenter society, but every look in the mirror was a hit. She had received emergency treatment while in prison, but was left with missing, broken and decayed teeth that reminded her of her past every time she looked in the mirror.

A Chance Meeting

It was at a Dress for Success breakfast meeting that Dr. Weisbard heard Kara speak about her personal struggles and decided that she could help Kara regain her confidence by redoing all of her teeth free of charge. This physical transformation helped Kara triumph in her journey towards healing and led her towards helping others. She is now a spokesperson for Dress for Success. After having gone through such a harrowing experience Kara is giving back to women. She has become a beacon of hope and inspiration for anyone who feels like success is unattainable. Today Kara is all about helping others move forward and her story gives others hope that they can start to make good decisions and take charge of their own lives.

You can see Kara’s story and before and after photos on our website, weisbarddental.com/about/giving-back/.