When we met Shirley, she was a well-educated, kind woman who had received some dental care over the years, but she presented with discolored and worn down teeth that not only prematurely aged her smile, but gave her a prematurely aged appearance. She wasn’t feeling she was living her best life.

Stress Wears Down Teeth

Our fast paced lives create undue stress that many struggle to manage. The pent up stress has to go somewhere and for many it’s expressed through involuntary gritting and grinding of the teeth. This can not only lead to serious dental problems, but it can also diminish an otherwise attractive smile.

A Combination of Crowns and Veneers

Shirley found us through a cosmetic dentistry brochure that she received. After her initial consultation, Shirley knew we were the right fit and that gave her the courage to go forward with full mouth rehabilitation. We found a place in our schedule within the month and got started. Within a few months, we put a new “face” on Shirley’s teeth, with veneers and crowns. Both crowns and veneers are thin layers of porcelain bonded to your teeth to mask all the blemishes of aging. Not only do crowns and veneers cover discolor and wear, but we can restore the length of your teeth that was lost due to accelerated wear. Although crowns and veneers are not indestructible, they are very durable and last for years.

Just like Shirley, your smile is an important part of how you are. We can help you make it as appealing as possible with whatever treatment would be best for you and your teeth.

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