Temporary Teeth Replacements

For many people, tooth loss is an embarrassing condition and most wish to keep it hidden from others at all times. Cosmetic dental procedures are designed to give the impression that teeth and gums are in excellent health, and even the brief absence of a tooth before a dental procedure is completed is enough to change that impression among friends, family and acquaintances. In addition to the potential social stigma, tooth loss can also lead to difficulty or discomfort when chewing, talking and even smiling. It is understandable that patients who are in transition between the loss of natural teeth and the implementation of a permanent solution need a temporary replacement that will meet both the aesthetic and practical requirements of natural teeth. Luckily, temporary dentures or “flipper teeth” are lightweight, removable dentures that are available to patients immediately after a tooth is removed.

Flipper Teeth

After the initial work of preparing your permanent dental implants or dentures has begun, we fit our patients with temporary flipper teeth that are designed to match your remaining natural teeth. Even though these dentures may be a temporary fix, great care is taken to ensure that they don’t compromise your appearance or your ability to chew, talk or smile. Additionally, the use of flipper teeth can also help protect the gums, minimize bone loss and prevent the shifting of your remaining teeth in the first months after a natural tooth is lost or removed. New dentures can be uncomfortable at first, so it is advisable to chew carefully for the first week.