When someone within our personal space is suffering from halitosis, which is the medical term for bad breath, our first thought often turns to breath mints or chewing gum. Whether or not we feel comfortable and close enough to the person to actually voice this thought, it’s important to know that breath mints, chewing gum, or breath sprays aren’t considered treatments for halitosis. Instead, they only temporarily mask the symptoms of the condition and do nothing to address the root cause. However, unlike other dental conditions such as cavities or gum disease, you can easily treat most cases of halitosis at home, and even apply natural treatments and cures. Once you have determined that your bad breath isn’t caused by a serious health condition such as cavities, gum disease, diabetes, or failure of the liver or kidneys, you can begin a natural treatment regimen from the comfort of your own home.

Home Remedies for Bad Breath

The reason so many effective treatments for bad breath are both natural and easy to implement is the cause of halitosis isn’t complicated. Bacteria can grow and thrive on the tongue and on the visible surfaces of the teeth when a person fails to floss and brush their teeth and gums on a regular basis. Because the most common causes of halitosis are simple and straightforward, treating the condition with simple home remedies can be very effective. In addition to flossing and brushing on a regular basis, using a plastic tongue scraper is a great way to physically remove bacteria and other buildup from the tongue. In the mornings, drinking a fresh glass of plain water and swishing it around the mouth can prevent “morning breath.” Finally, you can make simple changes to your diet, such as avoiding foods such as onion and garlic, and replace them with other fruits and vegetables such as celery, carrots, and apples.