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“TIME (6/2, Ducharme) reported that a new studypublished in JAMA Network Open shows that in 2016, one in 65 deaths in the US involved opioids and that among younger adults, “that number skyrocketed to one in five.” The paper used data from the CDC’s WONDER database, which tracks mortality data and causes of death in the US. According to the study, in 2016, “opioids were involved in 28,496 deaths,” and “more than 8,400 of these occurred among adults between the ages of 25 and 34, a number high enough to mean that 20% of all deaths in this age group in 2016 involved opioids.”

For more information about opioids, visit In addition, the ADA Practical Guide to Substance Use Disorders and Safe Prescribing helps dental practitioners identify and treat patients with drug addiction, prevent drug diversion, and properly manage and prescribe controlled substances.”