Ever wonder how we clean our instruments and ensure an immaculate dental office?

Here are the steps we take to thoroughly sterilize each and every instrument:

  1. All instruments are brought into our sterilization area, “the Solaris System.” In this segmented area, everything goes along a series of procedures of cleaning instruments to sterilizing individual pouches of grouped instruments. Our trash and sink faucet are “no touch” for added sterilization.
  2. We place each instrument in a metal bin and drop it into the Whaledent Biosonic Machine. This machine shakes off all of the excess debris in a sanitizing liquid.
  3. Then we thoroughly rinse off each instrument and scrape out any excess debris with a metal brush.
  4. We put our automated drill pieces into the QUATTRO care PLUS system, which runs oil inside of the instruments to ensure that they will always run smoothly when partnered with burs.
  5. The cleaned instruments are then packed into sterilization pouches and placed in the MidMark Ultra Clave AutoClave for complete sterilization.

At Weisbard Dental you can rest easy knowing that your comfort and safety is our primary concern.