What is a dental crown, and why would the installation of a dental crown be necessary? To begin, it is important to understand that a crown, like its namesake headdress worn by royalty, is meant to fit atop or “cap” an existing tooth, and it is not the same as a dental implant, a bridge, or any other dental prosthetic used to replace a tooth in whole or in part. All full dental crowns are designed to completely cover the visible part of the tooth, all the way to the gum line, and are intended to improve the aesthetics of the tooth and while strengthening and improving the integrity of the tooth and the surrounding teeth as a whole.

Do I Need A Dental Crown?

There are many conditions and situations involving your teeth that may require a dental crown. If you have a weak, cracked or broken tooth, or a tooth that has deteriorated to the point that it can no longer support a filling, you may require a dental crown. Other conditions that may also necessitate a crown include a tooth with severe wear, a misshapen or badly discolored tooth or to make cosmetic modifications and/or to support a dental bridge.

What Materials Are Used In Crowns?

Dental crowns come in many different materials and both semi-precious and non-precious metals, including stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic or all-resin, and can include a combination of materials, such as porcelain-fused-to-metal. There are also tooth-colored materials called Zirconia or E-Max that are as strong as metal but also have the aesthetics of porcelain and are metal-free. Various materials are more effective or appropriate depending on which tooth is being crowned. No matter what material is used, you can trust Weisbard Dental to use only the best materials possible to improve both the durability and ultimately the lifespan of your crown. For instance, Dr. Weisbard uses a high content of gold and precious metals for her metal crowns, as they provide excellent marginal integrity, strength and longevity.

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