A dentist-patient relationship is the top priority in our practice and was established to provide personal care that is unique to every single person and their specific needs. The majority of our new patients still reach out via telephone to schedule their first appointment. We often encounter questions, even confusion and/or concern, as to why our initial patient appointment is longer than most patients have ever experienced and why this appointment, specifically the steps included, are even necessary.

We are not an assembly line based practice. “Docere” is Latin for Doctor. It means “to teach”. We are here to teach, give clarity and understanding and hear your concerns and fears, so that we can provide personalized care and earn your trust and confidence. In turn, we produce a comprehensive treatment plan, while understanding your expectations and exceeding your goals.

Your first appointment in our office starts by meeting privately with Dr. Weisbard, in our consult room, so she can spend the time to understand you and your individual needs before you sit in the dental chair. Every patient receives the skill, compassion and patience they deserve.

Our goal is to work Dr. Weisbard out of a job! This means we want to help you with long term health practices and be knowledgeable with your overall care, not just with treatment on a given day. The mouth is the window to the body and having a healthy and beautiful smile is key.

Our commitment to excellence is second to none and Dr. Weisbard and her compassion for her patients are her utmost motivation. Weisbard Dental, based in Greenwood Village, provides top quality dental care, general dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry to keep your smile healthy and beautiful!