There’s a common saying among dentists and patients that holds so much truth.

“Dentistry is not expensive, neglect is.”

No truer words have been said, especially if you find yourself with a toothache and tooth problems all because you failed to get regular check-ups. Even though it may seem like an inconvenience to your day, seeing a dentist twice a year could be the difference between paying thousands for repairs and removal, or being told your teeth are perfect.

So why is seeing your dentist so important? Read below to find out.

Your Dentist can Prevent Problems from Occurring

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There’s a common misconception that you should only see your dentist when your teeth hurt. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the best time to see your dentist is when you don’t have any problems. It’s at this time that a qualified and experienced dentist such as Dr. Weisbard can check for anything that could appear or something that is about to take hold and become a problem.

Here at Weisbard Dental, we pride ourselves on offering preventive dental care to stop those big problems from occurring. From gingivitis to periodontal disease, there are so many things that could be on the brink of developing but can be stopped with advice, treatment and preventative care.

We want to see you before you become uncomfortable, so don’t delay. Book in for a check-up twice a year and smile with confidence.

You can have Peace of Mind Your Past Treatment Options are Working

If you’ve had treatment with us before, or with any other dentist, you surely want peace of mind that everything is as it should be.

By choosing to visit your dentist every six months, you can make sure those crowns or veneers are still perfect, those fillings are still in place, or your teeth whitening is playing the part. We stand behind our workmanship and our team, and your twice-yearly appointment is an additional layer of protection for you.

You can Look at Getting Old Fillings Replaced

Fillings are placed when decay or cavities create holes in your teeth. The fillings fill the void and you no longer experience any discomfort. However, as with most things, fillings have a shelf life. Most fillings last, on average, between 10 and 15 years.

Have you got silver amalgam fillings from several years ago? Are you wanting to replace these with composite resin fillings? Is your composite resin filling reaching the end of its lifespan?

Choosing to see your dentist twice a year can help you transition from having old silver amalgam fillings to having new composite resin fillings.

Technology has evolved with time, and the dental industry is no different. Silver amalgam fillings were often an acceptable form of filling to fix cavities and holes within our teeth. However, there are now some known side-effects. Over time, these silver fillings can leak, and they can also kill the nerves underneath your teeth. This can cause the tooth to go dull gray in color. They can also break teeth, a side effect we’re sure you’d rather do without.

We do everything in our power to make sure you don’t have to suffer any unnecessary side effects. So, if you’re looking to make the transition to a new style of filling which helps with cavity treatment and prevention, let us know. Composite resin fillings are biocompatible, strong, durable and are even the same color as your teeth for better aesthetics.

Don’t wait for tooth pain to arrive before you come and see us. We want to see you before that happens! Contact the friendly team at Weisbard Dental and keep your teeth healthy.