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When someone tells you they’re off to the dentist for a root canal, there’s a simultaneous groan around the room. “A root canal? Isn’t that scary, painful and expensive?” There’s a common misconception that any dental procedure, complicated or otherwise, is going to be a bad experience. History tells us that blacksmiths used to undertake dental procedures, and if this were still the case, the angst and worry would be founded. However, when you’re looking for Denver dental services, you will come across several experienced dentists who know how to make you feel as comfortable as possible during any procedure.

Dental care has come a long way, and there’s now no reason to be afraid of taking a visit to any qualified dental professional, even if the procedure ahead is a root canal. Here’s why you shouldn’t be scared of getting a root canal.

You Get to Keep Your Tooth

When you’re browsing the internet to find the best Denver dental services, with throbbing, inflammation, and pain in your tooth, you’re expecting the worst. As your teeth can be with you your entire life, losing one can often feel like losing part of your mouth. Running your tongue over your vacant gum can even feel unusual and foreign. Before you even see your dental professional of choice, you can often begin to wonder whether there are other options available, other than losing your teeth.

There are. If your dentist has discovered decay or trauma in your tooth or teeth, they can often offer you two options: extraction, or a root canal. While historically, extraction was usually the only option, today that’s not the case. Many dentists understand just how important it can be to individuals to keep smiling with confidence, with a full set of teeth. In fact, 73 percent of Americans trust people more if they have beautiful teeth. Therefore, they look at all possible options, with trying their best to keep your teeth often being preferred.

The Procedure is not as Scary as it Sounds

There’s no denying that receiving a root canal can be a complex procedure, and may require a board-certified specialist, but it’s a procedure that can often have excellent results for the patient. As previously stated, a root canal can increase the chances of enabling you to retain your original tooth, whereas an extraction doesn’t.

Upon choosing Denver dental services near you, your dentist will examine your tooth, or teeth, take radiographs, and determine the need for root canal therapy. Once the process is underway, the decay is removed from around the affected tooth, before an opening is made through the crown of your tooth and into the pulp chamber. The pulp is subsequently removed, and the root canals in which the pulp previously sat, are cleaned, shaped and filled. A rod is then placed in the canal to retain the filling material, which supports the crown on top of the tooth.

It’s important to note that while your tooth remains, it’s not vital. It has no inner pulp, or nerves, and instead has been filled to retain its composition. By filling the tooth, you’re reducing the risk of further infection, while keeping the space in your mouth filled. If you were to extract the tooth, there’s a high chance the teeth on either side of the vacant gum would drift and try to fill the space.

Experienced Dentists Undertake the Procedure

And finally, you shouldn’t be afraid of a root canal if you’ve enlisted the help of professional, qualified Denver dental services. When you’re on the hunt for the best dentist in Denver, do your research. Find out who your friends and family prefer, and who has glowing reviews on the internet. Visit different dentistry websites, and find out who will be doing the procedure. The best dentist for you is one that makes you feel at ease, walks you through the process, and talks about your options.

If you’re experiencing pain and discomfort, there’s no time like the present to do your research and see a dentist. The sooner you can have your problem sorted, the better.